ST. LOUIS PARK, Minn. – With a 9-2 record and a road win, there was plenty to celebrate for Vikings fans on Thanksgiving Day.

“Oh yeah, this was awesome," said Brianne Jones. "Nice to spend it with family, too.”

On Thursday she was one of more than 50 of her family members gathered at the Park Tavern in St. Louis Park.

"We used to do it at someone's house but then it just got too big," she said.

For 16 years, her family and extended family members have gathered at the tavern on Thanksgiving -- and for the past two years, they've watched Vikings games.

"Ever since that time we have had this room in here together for our family for the whole afternoon.”

Judy Falness brought her photo album dating back to family Thanksgivings from 1975, including photos from the past 16 years.

"Today is awesome," she said. "We just hope, as the older generation, that the younger ones will continue to pass this on.”