MINNEAPOLIS - Minnesota's slogans for Super Bowl 52 were "Welcome to the Bold North" and "Embrace the Cold."

So was Minnesota bold or just cold? We asked locals and visitors from all over the country.

Most Minnesotans we found are so proud, with so many reasons why the last 10 days were "Bold."

"Because we are very welcoming here. And there are a lot of people outside. Braving the cold!" one woman said.

"Because it was awesome. The live concerts. It was supposed to snow and be cold," another woman said.

But what about our visitors?

Many of them were shell-shocked from the cold.

"When you're in the sun and there's no wind blowing it was all right. But once the wind picked up it was unbearable," one man from Philadelphia said.

"It's a great time here, it's a great city but I'm not cut out for this weather. It's a cold one," a man from Boston said.

But others say the cold didn't matter.

"I love it. I love the people, I love the weather," said a man from Los Angeles. "It's not too cold."

"There's a lot to do in the city. I love it here," said one boy from Philadelphia.

"It's negative something here. So your face hurts every second you walk. But lots of nice stuff to look at. Ice sculptures, activities. You've done a great job," said a man from Philly.

"I'm viewing what my friends are doing in Philly and I'm happy to be here because, I don't know. It just feels better. There's something about it. It's exciting," said a woman from Philadelphia.