ST PAUL - Each time 8-year-old Estelle Schwab performs, her skates are on the ice and her mind is on Gracie Gold, a two time US champion and a bronze medalist two years ago in Sochi.

"It just gives me passion to skate," Estelle said.

So much, that even as a third grader, she already has Olympic dreams.

"I would love to be in there," Estelle said.

So each day, Schwab is at the St Paul Figure Skating Club before and after school and all summer long, her demanding schedule coordinated by her Mom, Mi Shaun.

"It's a full time job," Mi Shaun said.

Make that two full time jobs, since 14-year-old brother Jaden is also an Olympic hopeful. He, too, spends up to 10 hours a day, six days a week perfecting his routines.

"You can't just say, 'Land it' and be done," said Jaden. "You actually have to learn technique. Everything is hard."

And not just on the ice. Estelle and Jaden also take ballet, lift weights and stretch, and work out at a gym. A nutritionist helps plan their meals. Mi Shaun says all of it teaches hard work and discipline they'll never forget.

"I don't know if they'll be in the Olympics," Mi Shaun said, "But I do know that figure skating will take them where they need to go in life."

For now, it's their parents who take them, and Mi Shaun and her husband, Aaron, drive at least two hours a day. This year, both kids will go to school completely online, one way to make more time to train. Their coach says it's that kind of dedication that separates athletes who could be Olympians from those who are Olympians.

"Some of them have definitely had the talent," said Michelle Jasperson, who has coached hundreds of kids at the St Paul Figure Skating Club. "A lot of it comes down to how much they're willing to put in."

And also how much they're willing to spend. Ice time alone is $12 an hour. Then there's skates, costumes, private coaching, trainers, plus trips to competitions nationwide. But the whole family says the fun of performing---and the rewards of the sport---make everything worth it, Olympic medal, or not.

"This is where I sit a couple days a week and I wouldn't want to be anywhere else," said Mi Shaun, as she watched her kids practice from some bleachers near the ice rink.

"If I made it there it would be amazing," Estelle said. "If I didn't win its fine, because I still made it to the Olympics."

The Schwabs also have a 3-year-old son, Kingston, who's already been skating for a year. He's now taking lessons, and will have his first competition next summer.