GOLDEN VALLEY, Minn. - The outlook for the 2018 gardening season is strong and Professional Master Gardener, Heidi Heiland of Heidi's Lifestyle Gardens and GrowHaus, joined us with the latest and greatest information from the recent Minnesota Nursery and Landscape Association (MNLA) Northern Green.


Dauer Manufacturing Fusa Corp is a U.S. - based manufacturer of highly efficient and durable LED lamps, fixtures and electronics. This technology offers great eco- and pocket-friendly solutions.

• Lasts 10 times longer

• Less waste put into landfills

• Smaller capacity transformers needed

• Price is being driven down

Statuesque by day, celestial by night, the Silhouette Collection will reimagine and extend your outdoor living environments in artistic light. Each style is available in 25-inch and 42-inch versions, crafted in America from steel or aluminum for lifelong service. The Silhouette Collection by Dauer anchors securely and easily to decks or concrete. Endless selection of powder-coated colors and custom designs, logos or sizes are available. Powered by warm-hued, energy-saving 12-volt Dauer LED technology.


EasyTurf is the #1 artificial turf manufacturer in America that specializes both in residential as well as commercial applications.

Environmentally sound:

EasyTurf helps to eliminate runoff into the sewers with its patented 100 percent permeable backing. EasyTurf also helps to conserve water by reducing the need for outdoor water use. In wet regions up to 30 percent of total monthly water use is found outside the home, while in drier regions outdoors, this number can be as high as 70 percent.

Why EasyTurf synthetic grass?

• 100 percent permeable thanks to its patented MaxxFlow backing. Every square inch of the product drains.

• No watering

• No mowing

• No grass clippings

• No mud

• Shade and salt tolerant

• Don’t worry about dog spots

• Don’t worry about diseases or insects like snow mold or grubs