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Take KARE of your Money headlines: Travel costs soar, Costco alters hours, 4-day work week

We're diving into the topics that impact your wallet. Here are the latest headlines from the Take KARE of Your Money team.


Travel costs soar

If you're ready to travel again, hopefully you have a big budget. 

The cost of travel is soaring right now as demand picks up, with hotel rooms costing about 44% more compared to last year. Airfare is up 24%. 

The most drastic price hike though is rental cars with prices up 110% from last year. 

Costco ends special senior hours

Costco is endings its special shopping hours.

For the last 16 months, the first hour of every weekday was reserved for seniors, healthcare workers and first responders to shop. 

That will end July 26 when the chain returns to pre-pandemic hours. 

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4-day work week

How does a 4-day work week sound?

Researchers in Iceland found that the shortened work week without a pay cut  improved workers' well being and productivity. 

The 4-year study found that workers went from being stressed and burned out to having a healthier work-life balance.

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