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Former Allina Health CEO and other doctors call out Scott Jensen for views on COVID and abortion

The group of around two dozen doctors shared their concerns Friday morning at the Minnesota State Capitol.

A group of doctors led by former Allina Health CEO Dr. Penny Wheeler are calling out Scott Jensen.

They believe his views as the Republican candidate for governor are extreme and dangerous to the health of Minnesotans.

The group of more than two dozen doctors shared their concerns Friday morning at the Minnesota State Capitol.

"We are here to emphasize that as physicians, Dr. Jensen's views and recommendations are far out of step with science,” Dr. Wheeler says.

The two main health-related issues that these doctors are concerned about are abortion rights and COVID-19.

"Doctor Jensen has advocated for unproven therapies and when vaccines have been proven to save lives, he has minimized their scope and effectiveness. He even joined a suit to prevent children from receiving covid vaccines,” infectious disease physician Dr. Peter Bornstein says.

This comes just one day after the Minnesota Medical Association’s Political Action Committee (MEDPAC) announced its endorsement of Tim Walz for governor.

"To endorse the non-physician over the physician I think speaks volumes,” Dr. Bornstein says.

The Republican Party of Minnesota has responded to this criticism of Jensen with this statement:

"Democrats want this election to be about abortion because they are desperate to distract from their failed records. Abortion is not on the ballot in November - it is protected in Minnesota by a supreme court case, Doe V. Gomez, and there is nothing the next legislature or governor can do to restrict abortion access here. Our Republican candidates are focused on the real issues impacting Minnesota families like rising inflation and a stagnating economy, fighting the Democrats' crime wave, and improving educational outcomes while empowering parents." - Republican Party of Minnesota 

KARE-11 spoke with Jensen's campaign to get their comment as well.

They have decided not to comment at this time, but when we caught up with Jensen at the Minnesota State Fair, he had this to say about the subject of abortion.

"Abortion is absolutely not on the ballot in November. It is a constitutionally protected right of all women, and the only way that gets changed is through a constitutional amendment and governors play no part in that at all. And that's not why I'm running,” Jensen says.

The Scott Jensen campaign also released a new TV ad today titled "Heal Minnesota."

It touches on the issues of crime, inflation, and student achievement.

The ad also touts Jensen's 40-years in the medical field.

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