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Company brings driveway dance parties to Twin Cities neighborhoods

Impact Entertainment provides more than just music-they're bringing neighborhoods together during quarantine.

MINNESOTA, USA — What if you could go to a dance party in your own driveway with full mobile entertainment provided?

That’s what a local company is doing, but the owner is finding they’re giving out much more than just a party.

Joe Masek is the owner of Impact Entertainment that owns a unique entertainment truck that providing DJ and MC services.

"We can go anywhere and in five minutes be totally set up for a party," Masek said.

Masek was getting ready last weekend for what was going to be the most unique kind of booking they’ve ever had.

Credit: Joe Masek
Driveway Dance Parties

"They might be getting a little stir crazy so jumping around with some energy might be pretty good," Masek said in the video they made for the surprise.

It was better than good, according to Masek.

"By fifteen minutes in, every neighbor people down the street coming and so we had the whole, throughout the whole cul-de-sac, everybody was spread out and I’ve never seen adults dance that hard in my life," Masek said.

Adults and kiddos in their 'at-home' clothes, moving and grooving in public.

Masek, who goes by DJ Lemonhead, and his buddies knew the F-350 turned souped up DJ booth was just sitting in the driveway, so why not bring it to others for a social-distancing-driveway-dance party?

Credit: Joe Masek

"It gave me chills, I just feel like it gave the whole neighborhood chills of like this is what it looks like for people a group of people to come together and celebrate in an appropriate way given the circumstances," Masek said.

The circumstances are uncertain, tough and downright scary for a lot of people.  So what Masek and his crew are hoping to serve up in these streets instead?

"It felt like for a moment life was back to normal and they were having an experience that they would have at their wedding, or at a bar, or at a social event somewhere," Masek said. "That’s just like life for the moment is totally joyful and carefree," he said.

Masek is hoping to bring joy to more than just neighborhoods. He said he's hoping to go to nursing homes if any in the Twin Cities will allow it.

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