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Here's how you can jazz up your leftovers

Kowalski's Rachel Perron shares some tips on spicing up your leftovers with a few simple tips, and it's perfect for all you soup lovers out there!

MINNEAPOLIS, Minn — With school back in session, we want to help simplify what you're cooking in the kitchen. 

Maybe your family isn't the biggest on eating leftovers, so we got some great tips on refurbishing leftovers from Kowalski's Rachel Perron.

If you have any leftover MEAT things, like pulled pork, meatloaf, chicken, or pot roast, you can re-use them in pasta dishes, enchiladas or tacos, sandwiches and soup.

Leftover RICE is also great to toss into any soup, or you can whip up some fried rice.

Although CHEESE is rarely leftover, scraps of cheese, I'm talking chunks, grated, soft cheese, shreds and slices... those can be used together in macaroni and cheese, grilled cheese, quiche and risotto.

Any leftover VEGETABLES Rachel says you can use almost any combo of cooked vegetables in all of these, plus in omelets and frittatas.

Here are two leftover "No No's" from Rachael:

"Now another thing I'm going to suggest is don't make leftovers from leftovers and what I mean by that is don't make a pot of soup that serves 10 people because you're trying to get rid of the leftovers, you know what I mean," said Perron. "Another suggestion is that I always put my leftovers in glass containers because have you ever looked in your fridge and thought 'What is that?' When it's in a glass container, it's an environmental thing for me, but when it's glass you know what's in there and you will likely use it." 

Rachael also said, "Most things are safe for three days in the fridge. Some longer, but three is safe for a base rule. You could use the freezer for longer storage. Obviously, this doesn't apply to cheese, bottled condiments and stuff like that, but your real 'leftover' meal stuff."

To find the full recipe used with "leftovers", Kowolski's has a complete list of all of their recipes here.

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