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Wings of Rescue brings 140 animals to MN for adoption

Minnesotans have a chance to come to the rescue of dozens of animals who need forever homes.

Dozens of animals took a special journey this week to find new homes in Minnesota.

 A plane organized by "Wings of Rescue" touched down at the St. Paul Airport on Sunday afternoon.

The organization brought more than 140 animals from Texas, where they're dealing with significant overpopulation.

The pets include dogs, pigs, and dozens of cats, which are actually in short supply in Minnesota according to Feline Rescue. 

"Cats are hard to find right now, even in the animal control agencies," Dana Andresen, executive director of Feline Rescue said. "With us, we have the cat season from about April to September. In Texas and those southern states, its cat season year-round."

Ruff Start Rescue in Princeton is fostering many of the dogs.

Also, the Animal Humane Society in Golden Valley is helping find homes for many others.

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