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Let's play Weatherguide Calendar trivia!

A cool thing about the weather guide is all the pictures from local photographers. How many pictures were submitted last year? 3,000!

FALCON HEIGHTS, Minn. — It's one of the things lots of folks come to the KARE 11 Barn for each year... the Freshwater Society Weatherguide Calendar!

Julie Fliflet and John Linc Stine, who are with the Freshwater Society, joined KARE 11 News at the State Fair for a round of Weatherguide trivia.

How many minutes of daylight do we lose between the first day of the fair and the last day of the fair? Answer: 32 minutes!

What is the hottest temp ever at the MN State Fair? Answer: 104 degrees on Sept 10th 1931!

So we know the Weatherguide is Minnesota's favorite calendar… How many Weatherguides are printed for sale each year by Freshwater Society?

Answer: Over 20,000

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YES! Freshwater Society actually prints over 20,000 calendars each year – this year we printed 26,000.

How long has KARE 11 partnered with Freshwater Society on the Weatherguide?

Answer: Over 15 years

YES! KARE 11 has been a partner with Freshwater Society on the Weatherguide for 18 years! Not only do the meteorologists provide great content for the calendar, but they will also tell you that they use the Weatherguide every day in the newsroom too.

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