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Communities that KARE: Sani's Book Adventures

A teenager saw a need for young hospital patients and spent her own time in recovery doing something about it.

MINNEAPOLIS — There's something about a good book. 

It could be the feel of it, the words inside, that can be comforting in the worst of times. 

"I found reading really helped me escape the walls and go on an adventure through the walls of the hospital room," said Sanibel Randolph. 

The high school senior spent most of her teen years in and out of the hospital. We first met her and her mom nearly five years ago. They were both battling thyroid cancer at the same time.

"It was awful. It was hard having cancer myself, but seeing your child go through that was gut wrenching," recalled Natasha Randolph, Sanibel's mother.

Then the nonprofit, "Have a Nice Day Foundation" gave the duo an opportunity of a lifetime. Mom and daughter saw Taylor Swift in concert. Our cameras were there for the magical moment. Sanibel said to us at the time, "Whenever her song comes on the radio, we bust out some moves!"  These Swifties share another passion: reading.

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Sanibel was inspired to create her own nonprofit, Sani's Book Adventures. The teen raises money to buy new books for other teens and young adults in the hospital in order to give them an escape - even if it's a brief one.

"I was in the ICU and that was really hard, but it helped to know that there [were] my fictional characters to always be there for me," Sanibel said.

The teen is still undergoing treatments for secondary problems associated with her cancer, but if feeling pretty good these days. It could be the books; it could also be her philosophy about approaching life: "Go with the flow and try to help as many people as possible on the way," said Sanibel. 

If you'd like to donate a new book or funds to help Sani's book adventures, visit her Facebook page.

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