MINNEAPOLIS - It's a distraction that parents experience often, yet it's not the first kind that most of us think of right away. Kids in the backseat distracting drivers.

Whether it's siblings bickering or a child throwing food, the scenarios vary, but can have dangerous consequences.

To try and avoid being distracted by passengers, talk to kids before you get on the road and set rules.

"If you're having to reach behind you and deal with whatever happens or what's going on that's a physical distraction. If you're peaking in your rearview mirrors at them that's a visual distraction. Even if your kids are bickering back and forth and you're kind of focused on that conversation, that's a cognitive distraction because it's taking your focus off the road," said Madisun VanGundy, community outreach coordinator for AAA.

If there is a distraction, pull off of the road where it's safe and talk to your passengers.
Another idea is to find activities for them before you leave to keep distractions to a minimum.

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