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Voters head to polls eager for change

With so much at stake in the coming months for people across the state, Minnesotans went out Tuesday to vote with a sense of responsibility and accomplishment.

GOLDEN VALLEY, Minn. — Primary election season in Minnesota means a lot to many people, but for different reasons. 

"I am making my voice heard when I still have a chance," said Dawn Hill, who biked to her polling place in Golden Valley. 

"Silence is deadly," said Cynthia Orstad, while leaving her precinct in north Minneapolis. 

"The issues were important enough to come out and make sure my candidates that I support were on there in November," said Colin Caple, who voiced concerns about public safety in his north Minneapolis neighborhood. 

With so much at stake in the coming months for communities across the state, for those eager enough to make their voices heard, it came with a sense of responsibility and accomplishment. 

"Especially at the local level, that feeds up, and when our national Congress seems to be in such disarray, it’s fun to know you can have an impact," said Hill. 

It’s the impacts of issues like public safety and recent economic challenges fueling a desire for change.  

"Certainly don’t always feel that the needs of this community, especially north Minneapolis, are even discussed," said Orstad.

"The only real way that we can kind of, we can support our views is to support people who kind of, not 100 percent align, because I don’t think that’s realistic, but as close as you think someone can align with your perspectives, I would encourage anyone to support that person," said Caple. 

It's a call for change, as the livelihoods of so many are depending on it. 

"I hope to see more people out voting because the way things are now, absolute insanity," said Orstad. 

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