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Wolf unafraid of snowmobilers, shows 'extremely abnormal' behavior in northern MN

Wildlife advocates near Voyagers National Park in northern Minnesota are warning visitors to watch for a wolf showing no fear for people or snowmobiles.
Credit: Voyagers National Park

INTERNATIONAL FALLS, Minn. — A social post on the Voyageurs Wolf Project Facebook page is warning people about a wolf that is showing "extremely abnormal" behavior in northern Minnesota.

Photos show the wolf near a group of snowmobilers just south of Voyageurs National Park in the Ash River area.

Wildlife advocates say it happened just a few days ago and the wolf "walked within 5 feet" of the group and displayed no signs of fear for the people or the snowmobiles. The post says the animal "just sauntered/lingered in the area."

Voyageurs Wolf Project members are asking the public to be extremely cautious if they should encounter this wolf. They said they did not know anything more about this wolf beyond this report, but wanted to make people aware of the incident.

"If you do happen to see a wolf acting like this, do not approach it even if it seems docile and friendly, and certainly do not feed the animal," the post further read. "The wolf did not shows signs of aggression from what we have heard but it is a wild wolf, and wolves that have become this comfortable around people can be unpredictable."

Anyone who sees this wolf is asked to call the the MN Department of Natural Resources at 218-757-3274.

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