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KARE in the Air: Nyberg sculpture park

Ken Nyberg is an unusual artist and craftsman, using a welder and lawn mower blades to make his community and Minnesota a more interesting place.

VINING, Minn. — There is plenty of culture in Minnesota's countryside. 

Just check out the images from the KARE drone as it flies over the community of Vining in the central part of the state. The unique sculptures are the work of Ken Nyberg, an artist whose medium isn't clay or plastic... but lawn mower blades. 

Over the years Nyberg has used his trusty welder to create just over a hundred metal monuments, many of which you can find in Vining, but he's also donated works to towns nearby. 

The 83-year-old retired construction worker is a self-taught welder.

A couple of fun facts...Ken's works are the subject of a B-B-C music video, and his daughter Dr. Karen Nyberg, is a famous astronaut (now retired) and NASA engineer who once flew on one of the space shuttles and spent a 166-day stint living and working at the International Space Station. 

KARE 11's Boyd Huppert recently traveled to Vining, population 78, to profile Ken for his Land of of 10,000 Stories.


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