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Community members take to the streets to support the family of Amir Locke

Dozens of community members and activists took part in a car caravan to show support for the family of Amir Locke.

MINNEAPOLIS — Dozens of people gathered for a car caravan protest through the streets of downtown Minneapolis Friday night in support of the family of Amir Locke, the man fatally shot by police Wednesday morning.

City Hall chimes in downtown Minneapolis were drowned out by the sounds of car horns blaring in the streets below, honking for justice in the wake of 22-year-old Amir Locke's death.

"Amir was a bright light and he deserves to be able to shine," said Amir's father, Andre Locke. 

Locke was shot and killed Wednesday, and the final moments of his life were captured in police body cam video as Minneapolis police carried out a no-knock warrant. 

"This is very, very detrimental and heart-wrenching, and hard because I was always an advocate for the families that went through this," said Amir's mother, Karen Wells. 

Wells says she's seen this play out time and time again, not realizing her own son would be next. 

"Never would I have imagined that I would be standing up here talking about the execution of my son by the Minneapolis Police Department," said Wells. 

A son who family members say was a law-abiding citizen with no criminal history.

"Amir was a gun carrying, licensed individual," said Amir's aunt Linda Tyler. She went on to explain, "he was at his cousin's house, in the sanctity of his house and of course he had his gun by his side because where else is he going to put it."

This grieving family now joined by a choir of blaring car horns and flashing lights are demanding not only justice in Amir's name, but also transparency and police reform.

"Give them the proper training so that when they walk into our households, we are here to live another day," said another one of Amir's aunts. 

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