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'Sage Mind & Body' empowering others through essential oils

Sammi Boerner, Founder of Sage Mind & Body, talks about her work to support others as an aromatherapist.

MINNEAPOLIS — Sammi Boerner knows what it's like to struggle with both her physical and mental health. 

She's now using some of what she's learned in that struggle to help others. 

"With what I’ve learned in my journey I wanted to share that because I know that people are at a point in their life where they might not be the happiest and they might think that’s just life and that’s how things are but it’s not and there’s always something you can do," Sammi says. 

Sammi is an aromatherapist and health and lifestyle coach. She's the founder of Sage Mind and Body where she is helping to empower others, in part, with essential oils. 

Sammi says she was initially drawn to essential oils in her own life to help with digestion, balancing hormones, sleep and managing anxiety. 

"They help physically and emotionally," she says. 

Sammi says there are a lot of myths out there around essential oils and, to help dispel some of them, she offers a weekly "Myth Busting Wednesday" on the Sage Mind & Body Instagram page. 

“If you can learn one thing from me that’s amazing. I hope it’s more than one thing but if it’s just one that’s great," she says. "It’s hard to take that first step. Just having the courage to ask for help if you need it and to ask for support along the way."

Sammi also wrote a book called "Essential Oils For Promoting Weight Loss".

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