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She left behind three houses and 300,000 books, but who was Saint Paul's 'Book Lady'?

A St Paul bookstore is holding a special pop-up sale in May, one that has been 97 years in the making.

Diane Sandberg (KARE11)

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Published: 9:49 AM CDT May 1, 2023
Updated: 9:49 AM CDT May 1, 2023

There are three houses standing in St Paul’s Cathedral Hill neighborhood that once upon a time, held a book collection that numbered in the hundreds of thousands. But all that is known about these books, and their collector, is being pieced together from papers found by people coming to clear everything out of the houses, ahead of a rebuild and eventual sale. 

So who is Saint Paul's Book Lady, and how did she come to fill her homes with 300,000 books? 

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