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Too Good To Go app sells surplus food to reduce waste and costs

Too Good To Go isn't just a name; it's a mission. The app ensures any extra food restaurants and stores end up in customers' hands at discounted prices.

MINNEAPOLIS — Too Good To Go isn't just a name of an app, it's a mission. 

The app launching in the Twin Cities ensures that extra food from restaurants and stores goes to customers instead of in dumpsters. T-Rex Cookie is one of the local vendors participating in the app's move into Minneapolis.

Like any business, T-Rex has slow days. Instead of tossing their extra or day-old half-pound cookie creations, they put together surprise bags, and through "Too Good To Go," they are sold for a third of the original price. 

"From a business perspective, I think its really good because when we bake these things, these cookies, we pour our heart and soul in it, and to throw it away, it's just really sad, I think," said Tina Rexing, Owner of T-Rex Cookie. "It just really helps us feel better about the business as well as knowing that our food that we're spending a lot of money on to make isn't going to waste and just throwing in a dumpster." 

Any store that sells food can be part of the app. Customers can filter by dietary restrictions, allergies and pick-up windows. But the food in the bag is ultimately a surprise. 

"You'll know the category so it might be baked goods, grocery items, juices, prepared meals, but you won't know the actual itemization and that's because food waste is super unpredictable," said Sarah Soteroff, app representative. "It’s the thing we see consumers loving the most. Throughout our Instagram, we repost stories every day of what consumers are receiving in their bags. People get so excited to see the different things they get each day. No surprise bag is like what you bought before."

The app officially launches on Wednesday, Sept. 20 in the Twin Cities area. There are more than 50 area vendors participating.

With the app, users can see the total amount of your bag, which is what you would have paid at full price compared to what you paid for the discounted bag. You can also see lifetime savings and impact on the environment. 


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